Do You Have a Headache?
Everyone has a headache on occasion. A headache may occur when you're hungry and need something to eat, after drinking alcohol, when you're sleepy and tired, or for any other number of reasons. Most headaches subside after a short while, never to be thought of again. However, if headaches occur frequently and cause more concern, it's time to find out the cause and treat this problem. Sometimes a headache is caused by a serious medical condition that your doctor can determine and treat. Blood clots, tumors, aneurysms, and extreme stress are a few of the medical causes of headaches, though there are other less devastating causes of headaches. Concussions, dehydration, sinus infections, poor eating habits/improper nutrition, ear infections, and dental problems are among the other causes of headaches. So when should you be concerned? If your headaches meet the criteria below, it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with your physician who can rule out any serious health problems through queens diagnostic imaging. ·    Headaches are more severe than normal ·    You vomit or experience other symptoms during a headache ·    You have trouble walking or talking during a headache ·    Headaches do not go away or return after a few hours/the following day ·    You notice a pulsating sound when you have a headache ·    You've experienced a recent head injury or concussion ·    Headache causes numbness or weakness or confusion and poor coordination There are many causes of headaches, some simple and some of concern. Anyone can experience a headache, at any time. If you