Injured Ankle Or Foot Not To Be Trifled With
  If you are the unfortunate recipient of an injured ankle or foot, then you should take immediate and responsible care. If the ankle or foot is feeling just a tad tender or uncomfortable, the sensation should not be ignored. There could be no better time than this to seat yourself comfortably, take a break and place your foot and ankle gingerly on a good cushion propped nicely on your Ottoman. It could be no more than that. Just a case of too much stress having been placed on the ankle or foot. And all it requires is just a little rest. Whether the injury or strain is light, or quite serious, rest and recuperation will always be prescribed by the podiatrist who deals specifically with feet and ankle pain salt lake city utterances and incidents and occurrences. Strong and considered and qualified medical advice will tell you that an injured or sprained ankle or foot is not to be trifled with. The abovementioned rest may have been just the tonic you needed. But should the pain or discomfort persist after a day or two, then it should not be ignored and immediate medical help should be the next step if you pardon the turn of phrase. Because by ignoring such physical incidents could only exacerbate matters. The pain will be obvious. It could get worse, and it would be all too easy to take potent pain killers, whether bought over the counter or prescribed, to wash away the pain. An elimination of